Reserve A Tour Tucson Loop Bike Rentals – ON The Loop! Discover 130 miles of car-free, beautiful biking

Rent Premium Trek, Cannondale electric, road, mountain, gravel
and Tandem Bikes ON The Tucson Loop Path!

Tucson Loop Bike Rentals is Arizona’s top e-bike, hybrid, road, gravel, mountain bike rental service shop in Tucson! Rent top of the line Trek, Giant and Rad City pavement electric and hybrid/fitness bikes PERFECT for our beautiful 130 mile CAR-FREE Tucson Loop bike path. Book online and have rental bikes in 15 minutes ready for you at our Rillito River location!

  • Tucson bike rentals locations ON central Rillito and Oro Valley Loop!
  • Rent Trek, Specialized, Giant rental e-bikes and hybrids ON The Loop
  • Bike rental pickup/return 7 AM to 9 PM at contact free rental lockers!
  • Book online – have bikes in 15 minutes!
  • Closest Downtown Tucson bike rental company
  • Pickup mountain bike rentals, 20 minutes from top trails!
  • Location just 10 minutes from U of A
  • 20 minutes to Tucson Airport, Mt Lemmon and Oro Valley
  • Free parking on The Tucson Loop
  • Helmets, pedals, saddle repair kit, free maps included!

Our gal Heather LOVES biking The Tucson Loop!

We rent comfort, fitness and step-thru premium rental hybrid bikes!

  • Pickup Trek and Specialized WSD, comfort or fitness hybrid bike rentals
  • Oro Valley or central Tucson Rillito rental locations
  • Pickup/return contact free!
  • $49/2 hours, $59 all day, $175 a week
  • $195 10 to 30 days, $225 up to 3 months
  • Pickup 5:30 AM to 9 PM every day, 365 days a year

Bike Tucson on the CAR-FREE Tucson Loop!

Rent Specialized and lighter weight Marin front shock mountain bikes at our Central Tucson Loop locker location, 20 minutes from Sweetwater, Fantasy Island, Mountain Park and more!

Rent top of the line premium carbon Specialized and Trek road bikes, with pickup at our central Tucson Loop locker location as early as 5:30 AM, or 6 PM the night before.

Rent high end rental gravel/cyclocross road bikes designed to take on Patagonia, Redington Pass, Box Canyon – and more! We are Tucson’s top gravel and cyclocross bike rental player.

Rent Specialized, Rad City, Giant Bosch powered pedal assist electric bikes ON The Tucson Loop! Select high bar or step thru (great for “structurally challenged” e-bike rentals!

Fitness rentals bikes are fast and sporty!

Fitness hybrids are a cross between traditional skinny tire road bikes and traditional comfort bikes. Bike fast and in style!

Comfort Hybrid Bike Rentals

Bike The Tucson Loop in style and comfort with Giant, Trek, Cannondale hybrid bikes. These bikes have comfortable seats and a forgiving upright geometry that makes biking in Tucson fun and comfortable – perfect for anyone with “structural” issues!

Step-thru rental bikes are great for all riders!

These bikes are really popular for women and anyone with physical issues. Step-thru hybrid bikes are easy to get on and off! Bike Tucson on our top of the line rental hybrid and road bikes!


All Tucson Loop bike rentals include free pedals, helmets, saddle repair kits and maps! Bike rentals ON The Tucson Loop
Contact Free
Self Serve
5:30 AM to 9 PM
$49 two hours
$59 All Day


Bike rentals ON The Tucson Loop
Contact Free
Self Serve
5:30 AM to 9 PM
$49 two hours
$59 All Day

Self Guided – Contact Free!
Pickup/Return At Our
Tucson Loop Bike Lockers

5:30 AM to 9 PM By Appointment
$49 two hours
$59 All Day

"Tucson is well-served by Central
Tucson Loop Bike Rentals innovative on demand,
contact free rental of high end hybrid and
road bike rentals."

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We rent great bikes for tikes, kids, teenagers and small women!

Book online or over the phone, Trek, Specialized, Marin bikes in your size with free helmets, bottle cages, repair kits, flat protected tires waiting for you!

  • Just 25 minutes from Lemmon base camp (Le Buzz Coffee Shop)
  • Pickup as early as 5:30 AM, return by 9 PM
  • Must reserve with 24 hours notice
  • $125 per bike all day, $325 week
  • Trek, Specialized, equivalent 105/Ultegra bikes
  • Free pedals, helmets, maps, saddle repair kits

Slide We fight goat heads with flat
protected kevlar lined tires filled
with sealant!