Tucson’s BEST Rental Gravel/Cyclocross Bikes!

Best rental gravel/cyclocross bikes for Patagonia, Reddington Pass,
Whipple Observatory and Southern Arizona

We rent Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, Giant gravel bikes

  • South Tucson Loop/Airport pickup/return 7 AM to 6:30 PM!
  • Gravel rental bikes offered in sizes 49 to 61
  • We offer a selection of Trek Checkpoint SLR, Specialized Diverge (carbon and aluminum) Giant Revolt gravel bikes
  • Location 7 miles to Saguaro National Park, 13 minutes to Airport, next to AFB, 28 minutes to Cienegas/Box Canyon/Gardner Canyon (best!) and 50 minutes to Patagonia.
  • Rental gravel bikes come tubeless
  • Daily Tucson Loop pickup/return 7 AM to 9 PM!
  • Central Rillito by appointment location is at the 4500 block of North First Avenue ON The Loop.
  • Rent multi-days, get a free locker!
  • Diamondback rental gravel bike (HED Wheels) disc in size 50
  • Specialized Aluminum Diverge rental gravel bike in size 52, 54
  • Cannondale Carbon rental gravel bike (or equivalent) size 56
  • Trek Boone Carbon rental gravel bike in size 58
  • Most rental gravel bikes come tubeless
  • Recommended rental gravel bikes for Patagonia/Sky Islands!

Gravel/Cyclocross Tucson, Arizona and discover
the joy of Southern Arizona open road gravel biking!

Tucson and Southern Arizona offers some of the most incredible open road/gravel biking opportunities in the American Southwest! Tucson Bicycle Rentals is the number one gravel, cyclocross and mountain bike rental company Patagonia, Bisbee, Tubac, Nogales and top Southern Arizona gravel and mountain bike destinations!
We have hundreds of miles of open road/travel service roads that appeal to gravel cyclists of all levels. Be free and be safe! Southern Arizona and Tucson service and dirt roads are nearly traffic free, beautiful and many of these roads offer the most spectacular western scenery.

We offer an excellent selection fo Specialized Diverge (and equivalent) gravel road bikes with 35 MM tires. Don’t get a flat! All of our gravel rental bikes come with flat protected tires. Tackle 26 miles of incredible climb on the backside of Mount Lemmon or discover roads and scenery featured in Hollywood Old West films north of Oro Valley, Patagonia Arizona and more! Our gravel rental bikes are excellent for dirt and gravel rides, or for those road bikers looking for more comfortable road cycling that only a wider width tire can give.

For more gravel and open road biking suggestions go to The Arizona Bicycle Association at BikeAZ.org.

BikeArizona.org Gravel Biking Information

For longer term rental CALL!

Long term rental rates can vary based on time of season and availability.

Rent gravel bikes for Patagonia, Redington Pass – more!

Arizona‘s BEST Gravel Biking!

Discover The Sonoita/Elgin Fabulous Four!

Just 30 minutes from rental/Airport location, take on the Sonoita/Patagonia Fabulous Four – Empire Ranch/Cienegas – FAST hardbacked dirt road), Box Canyon (Number 1 gravel climb adventure of Southern, Arizona), Gardner Canyon (FAST and scenic) and Kentucky Camp. Discover Arizona’s Old West where over 30 Hollywood films were created!

Tour open roads where 30 plus old western films were made with moderate elevation gain, hard packed dirt roads!
Arizona’s BEST hill climb gravel bike ride! Just 28 minutes from rental location!
Gravel bike this historic camp on packed dirt roads, offering hill climbs and unmatched beauty!

Sonoita / Patagonia Lodging / Biker Friendly Places To Stay!

Places To Stay Sonoita

Sonoita’s largest hotel, next to the incredible Steakout Restaurant & Saloon

Places To Stay Patagonia

Camping for backpackgers, nomads, Sonoita/Patagonia gravel bikers! They have showers and everything you need!

Best Sonoita/ Patagonia Places To Eat And Drink

Gourmet pizza in a historic remodeled church.  This is the most unique restaurant in Southern, Arizona!

Where all the cyclists meet for incredible breakfast, lunch, coffee!

Great breakfast, lunch, dinner, bar

The local pub of Patagonia!