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Rental Step-Thru and Low Bar Hybrid Bikes

Pickup mountain bikes as early as 7 AM, return as late as 9 PM!

These bikes are really popular for women and anyone with physical issues. Step-thru hybrid bikes are easy to get on and off! Bike Tucson on our top of the line rental hybrid and road bikes!

Great Trek/Specialized Marin WSD Loop Rental Bikes

Rental Step-Thru and Low Bar Hybrid Bikes

Step Thru/Low Bent Hybrid Bikes

Rental Bike Locations ON The Loop!

Central Tucson

Central Tucson Loop Bike Rentals is Tucson’s top e-bike, hybrid, road and mountain bike rental service shop, servicing the 130 mile car-free Tucson Loop bike path system. We rent top of the line Trek, Giant, Marin, Cannondale rental bikes.





4570 N 1st Ave Suite 120 Tucson, Arizona 85718 (Admin Office – BOOK FIRST or text us 520-391-4574 for directions to rental bike pickup next door ON The Loop!)

Rental Pickup/Return Hours

7 AM to 9 PM (365 days a year)

Northwest Tucson/Oro Valley Loop Location

12000 Block of North Oracle Road ON The Loop

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